What is the current state of the market in Fourways Gardens Lifestyle Secure Estate? What possibly lies ahead in 2024? Below is my view as a specialist in property sales and rentals in Fourways Gardens Estate since 2004

Fourways Gardens Estate July 23 Report

Report detailing property activity in this estate.


A precis of BetterBond article by the CEO. Rate hikes now could bring about lower rates next year. Also luxury property turnover is steady

Housing market remains strong as interest rate rises

"With economists predicting that the repo rate could increase by as much as 50 basis points on Thursday, taking the prime lending rate to 8.25%, it's understandable that homeowners are concerned about the impact this will have on their bond repayments," says Coetzee. "Of course, the increase will me

Property Market Ready For Take Off

Property market ready for take-off and bond grants rise

Getting The Most From Amazing Summer Blooming Bulbs

Charles Barnhoorn, the 3rd generation son of the family who brought bulbs from Holland came to address our Club on these wonders of nature. His Grandfather and Grandmother moved to SA from the bulb district in Holland and began by selling Gladioli to the Multiflora flower market.

Selling A Property Out Of A Deceased Estate

There are two major differences between the sale of a property out of a deceased estate and a “normal” sale…

You Are What You Eat! How Food Affects Your Moods And Health

Linda Galvad of Sought-after Seedlings, (featured regularly on The Home Channel’s GARDENING 101 and winner of many national awards), came to address us. After 10 years of research, Linda has discovered, and now teaches, the road to optimum health. What she told us was mind-blowing!!

Wonderous Owls - Presented By Ecosolutions

Sara from EcoSolutions and Delina from Owlproject.org came to share with our Gardening Club the work they are doing in Gauteng to increase the natural population of Owls, the natural predators of rats and mice. Their scientific project started 20 years ago, is the only successful urban owl box project of its kind in Africa.

Fixed vs Variable Interest Rates

You’ve finally found your perfect home, made an offer and applied for finance to assist with your purchase. But when you receive the mortgage letter from the bank, you’re left trying to understand unfamiliar terms and concepts including prime interest rates, repo rates, and fixed or variable interest. Here’s what you need to know to make sense of it all.

What's Hot And Trending In Landscaping

The effervescent Melanie Walker of The Home Channel television’s GARDENING 101, the radio show Grounded on Radio Today and podcast channel Solid Gold and featured fixture at Lifestyle Home Garden and previously plenty adventure TV shows shared her findings with our Gardening Club. Our members also snapped up Melanie’s latest hugely informative, creative and colourful gardening book!

Growing Glorious Aloes In Your Garden

Malcolm from WILDFLOWER NURSERY of Witkoppen Road came to share with us the celebration of the May Festival of Early Flowering Aloes which runs from 17 to 26 May. A second festival, The Big Aloe festival will run from 19 July to 4 August. These take place at Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery, the oldest indigenous nursery in SA at 60 years!

Botany Of Desire – How Plants Manipulate People To Do Their B...

Sue from Garden Shop at Broadacres again held us fascinated as she revealed how plants fight for survival. Unlike humans, who can nomadically wander in search of food and water, plants can’t. One example is the massive trees in Yellowstone Park in the USA, these trees are 2 – 3000 years old and have survived many environmental changes over those years.

The Small Agent- A Gift To Seller and Buyer

Yes, there is a need for the small, independent estate agency

Trees And Their Care - Current Threat To Our Trees From The Shot Ho...

The FWG Gardening Club met for a presentation from Charles Verster on the care and treatment of pests in our trees and about the current major threat to Johannesburg trees from the POLYPHAGOUS SHOT HOLE BORER BEETLE (PSHB)

Your Bond Settlement Amount - A Brief Guide

The sale of a property can often bring with it unforeseen expenses, but this needn’t be the case. To take the mystery out of bond settlement costs, we have put together this brief overview so that sellers can plan appropriately and avoid being caught off guard.

The Right of First Refusal

A right of first refusal is a mechanism in a contract that affords the holder of such right the preference to buy a particular property, should the owner ever choose to sell it. However, it is worth noting that the holder of the right to first refusal is under no obligation to purchase the property should it become available.

Fining A Member In A Sectional Title Scheme

Sectional title schemes rely heavily on its members to ensure the effective functioning and operation of the scheme. While often not the first port of call, should other avenues have already been explored, there are situations in which a member of the sectional title scheme may be fined for contravening management or conduct rules.

Different Forms Of Ownership

There are a number of forms of ownership of immovable property in South Africa, and sometimes prospective buyers as well as homeowners are not aware of the intricacies of each. To take the mystery out of this for you, we have put together the basics on each of the 3 most common types of ownership: full title ownership, sectional title ownership and long-term lease.

Increase your Property value- Enhance your gardens!

Landscaping remains one of the most important ways to increase your property’s value quickly. Studies in USA show that a beautiful landscape design can improve the value of your home by at least 5 to 11 percent. The best part about landscaping is that even though it’s one of the most valuable home improvements you can make, it’s also one of the easiest. If you’re wondering how to turn your landscape into one of your home’s most valuable assets, here are some tips to get you started.

A bank may require notice to cancel a bond

Paying off a home loan ahead of schedule can be beneficial, but paying close attention to the agreement is important to avoid additional fees…

Sawasdee Emporium – An Orchid Lover's Paradise

Gardening Club members were treated to a jaw dropping morning at South Africa’s leading importer of Thai orchids right on our doorstep!


Andrew Ward, Director Enviornmental HOA Board and Dan Barwick, MD of Turfnet, our Landscaping Contractor, held our total attention as they unfurled exciting, bold and achievable goals set to upgrade and beautify our Estate. The amount of work they have done and continue to do is quite staggering. Lets look at the main goals they are achieving and setting over the coming 5 years.

Treating your winter garden

SUSAN - THE VICTORIAN TEA GARDEN, NICHOLAS NURSERY, WITKOPPEN ROAD Susan, who is an ex apprentice at the British Royal Horticultural Society and now a seasoned landscaper in Fourways, talked to us about our winter Garden.

City takes steps to Support Valuation Objectors

Today, I have taken steps to ensure that property owners who objected to their property valuations in the 2018 General Valuations Roll will receive further support from the City. This support will take the form of ensuring that those who have objected to their property valuations, will be allowed to continue paying what they have been paying historically until the objection process is finalised.

SA house price growth off to a 'surprisingly' weak start in 2018

The average South African house price growth “surprised on the downside” for the first quarter of 2018, with the slowdown in Western Cape property prices playing a significant role.

What the rate cuts mean to home owners and buyers

The Reserve Bank decided on Wednesday to cut its repo rate by 25 basis points to 6,5% and the prime rate and home loan “base” rate from 10,25% to 10%.

6 Pricing mistakes to avoid when selling your home

It goes without saying that homeowners who place their property on the market are looking to get the best possible return on their investment. In today’s age of readily available data, he says buyers are savvy and educated with regard to the property pricing and fair market value. “A vital aspect of selling a home is its listing price, so having a sound pricing strategy is essential for sellers in order to find the right buyer for their home,” says Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa. “Regardless of whether the market favours buyers or sellers, it is important that homeowners have a plan of action if they want to achieve the best possible selling price for their property.” In today’s age of readily available data, he says buyers are savvy and educated with regard to the property pricing and fair market value. “As such, sellers need to price their property accordingly to ensure that they will attract the right buyers to the home,” says Goslett. Here are six common pricing mistakes that sellers should avoid:

Budget 'not as severe' as predicted for wealthier SA taxpayers

While a direct wealth tax – or super tax on the wealthy – did not materialise during the much-anticipated February 2018 Budget, increases in estate duty, excise duties and donations tax were directed specifically at the wealthier South African taxpayer.

Rent to Buy Agreements

Many bond applications are unsuccessful because of the fluctuating economic climate in South Africa...

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Get the inside scoop from the Fourways Gardening Club on how to be waterwise...

BetterBond Article for SA consumers and home buyers

Article from BetterBond highlighting the mixed fortunes for SA consumers and home buyers, with the positives being a lower inflation rate and unchanged interest rates...

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Tips for Successful Garden Design and Maintenance

Summer is on the way and it is time to get back into the garden. Careful planning and with a little insider advice you can have a flourishing, beautiful, and easy-to-maintain garden!


Want to know why Fourways Gardens Residential Estate is your best home option in Johannesburg?

Historical Property Municipal Debt

New Court Ruling


Here is a list of suggestions for different garden designs...

Show Day Tips And Tricks

Selling your house? Maximise your price with these 20 insider tips from Fourways Gardens Estate agent, Francesca Beattie!

Fourways Gardens Gardening Club Meeting

Bees around the world are dying, find out more about what is happening with the bees in our area and what you can do to help.

Vertical Wall Gardens

Vertical gardens provide an opportunity to use every bit of space available, they are also a way to create living artworks.


The Blue Cranes of Fourways Gardens Nature Reserve are doing well.

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Prime lending rate info

Buyers and sellers take note


This is how you can minimise the risk of being over-charged on your rates and taxes invoice


A trust is a legal entity created by a trust founder that can be used to purchase and own property. Once a trust is created, all assets are placed into the trust by either the trust founder donating the assets to the trust or the trust buying the assets.


It now costs at least 30% more to build a house from scratch than buying an existing home!

Beautify our wonderful estate, Fourways Gardens

Our new Environmental Director, Andrew Ward is an avid gardener and passionate about the successful maintenance and further development of our public gardens and verges.

Finding your passion

In these modern times, our children are being exposed to more and more pressure to perform academically. Some take to it like ducks to water, but some don’t.

2 NB contracts to check in January 2017

It’s a good idea at this time of the year to check up on your short term insurance and your will!

New Years Goals



How about the kids making a special present for Granny and Grandpa ?




At Christmas time if we don’t go away, we have some precious quiet time to plan for the New Year and to start to upgrade our homes...

What to put in your first aid kit this holiday?

Profmed Medical Aid and ER 24 - Advice for your holiday First Aid Kit

Your Simple Kitchen Garden - Save hundreds of Rands!

In these days of drought driving up the costs of just about everything, you can feed your family fresh veggies, starting with the humblest of kitchen gardens.

Your Holiday Check List

Its coming up to that time of year again where you need to make sure your property and your pets are safe while you are away! What you need to do...

How to propagate plants from cuttings.

In these days of hectically expensive everything, it really helps if you do your own plant propagation and avoid paying thousands of Rands at the Nursery.

Fourways Gardens Blue Cranes are back!

A month or so ago our 4 blue cranes were taken from the nature reserve by the person who owned their certificates who sold them and emigrated to Australia. The estate were heartbroken as he hadn’t even bothered to ask if FWG would like to buy them. One of them was hand reared from an egg by a resident! The matter was all highly emotional and ugly.


(Source: Business Day, 8 November, 2016) To date, a seller may not transfer a property unless he/she has a municipal clearance certificate for the past two years of bills. However older debt arising before the two-year cut-off becomes the liability of the new owner and failure to pay entitles a municipality to attach and sell the property to settle such debt.

MARKET SLOWDOWN (Source: BusinessDay 2 November 2016)

The housing market has held up until recently, not hugely affected by growing consumer concerns about the weak economy and rising household debt levels. In the first 6 months of 2016, House prices were still rising by 5-7%, year on year. However, latest housing data paints a more dismal picture.

Have You Booked Your Energy Audit?

Besides your bond and rates account, energy bills are just crazy. What you may not know is that your energy bill can be drastically reduced.

The Future Of Buying To Let

With rates and taxes rising on average at almost double the inflation rate per annum over the past five years and more, BTL could prove to be “very costly” to your personal wealth. FB Properties looks at whether you should be considering this property move.

FB Properties 20 Water Wise Tips

The whole of Gauteng is in the midst of a water crisis, but did you know how simple it is to reduce your household water consumption, helping the environment and saving yourself money?

Orchids you can grow in Johannesburg

In Johannesburg, the main consideration is the winter temperature. The easiest orchids to grow here require temperatures of 12 to 28 degrees and cannot handle frost. Orchids will thrive in intermediate light, not heavy shadows. In winter they can handle more sun, not in summer. Place them on a north facing site.

Budget 2016

Ghost Digest have prepared a neat summary of how property transfer duties and capital gains taxes have been increased in the Budget.


Basically another wealth tax.. Please see below:


Attractive new RES property schemes to buy into in Mauritius!


This is a helpful brief synopsis of what the budget means to us.


To be welcomed. The Bill provides for Estate Agents to be required to recommend Home Inspections to all prospective property buyers. All the concerns of the "voetstoots" clause in Offers to Purchase documents will be eliminated.

The New Rental Housing Amendment Act

It is important for Lessors and Lessees to be aware of this new legislation


What must be very good news for the value of properties in Fourways is the planned Accelerate Property Fund's redevelopment of the area.