Linda Galvad of Sought-after Seedlings, (featured regularly on The Home Channel’s GARDENING 101 and winner of
many national awards), came to address us. After 10 years of research, Linda has discovered, and now teaches, the road to optimum health. What she told us was mind-blowing!!

Every cell, organ and tissue is dependent on nourishment. Various things influence the efficacy of our nutritional intake including air and water pollution, electronic emissions, stress (hugely important), chemicals, preservatives, colourants in our food, and food grown with chemical fertilisers and treated with chemical pesticides. Genetically modified foods, rejected by our bodies, will manifest as various ailments, such as allergies, arthritis etc. Alzheimer’s, dementia etc. are all exacerbated by what we eat, along with insufficient exercise and not enough brain use. These diseases have replaced cancer as the most prevalent in our Western society.

Hippocrates said all disease starts in the gut – wrong food choices have been proven to cause eczema, coughing, wrinkles, skin irritation, and post nasal drip. We are 90% bacteria and 10% human DNA. Bad bacteria from incorrect eating cause inflammation and this leads to illness.

We need to start growing our own food, starting with proper soil preparation and making our own compost (either cold or hot – this is a whole other subject), using only organic fertilisers and practising companion planting instead of using chemical pesticides.

Variety is important - for example, dark green, bitter leaves are the best for us! They enhance brain function. Asparagus and carrots improve cognitive function, berries are full of antioxidants and slow down brain aging. Avocados boost memory and learning ability. Watermelons – water-packed foods keep our memory sharp. Bananas with potassium and B vitamins induce alertness and a calm demeanour.

A multidisciplinary approach is necessary for good health through eating organic vegetables, much less animal protein, (of which free range meat is a must!), and wild, caught fish. Ensure you get enough exercise (working in your organic food garden), meditate and practise consciousness. Use stress productively, cut right down on or avoid coffee, alcohol, preservatives and, very importantly, sugar, (as it causes high inflammation, proliferation of cancer cells, arthritis etc.). Linda also recommends reduced intake of gluten and dairy, especially for some individuals.

Linda has personally seen massive health and mood improvement through correct eating.

Sought-after Seedlings are importers and suppliers of wonderful Franchi Sementi heirloom seeds.

By Francesca Beattie

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