Yes, there is a need for the small, independent estate agency

The small local estate agency, usually owner managed and run offers a highly personalised, exclusive service to property sellers and buyers alike. Benefits such as:

  1. Able to offer a negotiable and flexible commission structure thus reducing costs for Seller and price for Buyer
  2. Intense, focussed knowledge of their area of specialisation – often much smaller than the “farm” given to Agents at the big Agencies
  3. Sellers and Buyers deal directly with a highly experienced Agent – usually the owner rather than an Agent who may or may not have experience
  4. Fast reaction to requests from sellers and buyers
  5. Keeping the major companies in the Estate Agency industry honest – creating active competition
  6. Have a strong work ethic. They are in the hot seat and cannot pass the buck.
  7. Carefully develop and guard a good reputation – have pride in their businesses.
  8. Create more jobs.
  9. Monitored by EAAB and must keep abreast of new legislation to keep their annual Certification
  10. Must complete ongoing professional development training to keep their annual Certification