The whole of Gauteng is in the midst of a water crisis, but did you know how simple it is to reduce your household water consumption, helping the environment and saving yourself money?

Rand Water says the Vaal River system had dropped below the 60% threshold, the point at which the next level of alarm has to be raised. It has told its clients – in this case Johannesburg Water – that they need to immediately drop their water consumption by 15% to avoid water shortages.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? 1. Turn-off the tap while brushing teeth, shaving or soaping hands. 2. Take shorter showers and use less water if you bath, then use it to water household plants. 3. Sweep outside areas instead of hosing with water. 4. Use eco-friendly soaps and cleaning products. 5. Report public water leaks to the Municipality. 6. Always use a plugged-sink or bowl instead of a running tap. 7. Install aerators and flow-reducing valves on all of your taps and showers. 8. Install water saving devices on taps, toilets, showers & sprinklers. 9. Install a water meter and monitor your use. 10. Install an instant water heater at your taps for immediate hot water. 11. Wash your car with a bucket and sponge only. 12. Put a brick in your cistern to reduce water use or install a dual-flush mechanism. 13. Install a low-flow shower-head, and flow-reducing valves on your taps. 14. Match the size of your laundry load with water volume. 15. Only turn the dishwasher on when it’s full, and consider purchasing water-efficient appliances. 16. Water plants at the coolest part of the day. 17. Choose local indigenous water-wise plants for your home and garden. 18. Cover your pool so the water doesn’t evaporate. 19. Repair dripping taps by replacing the washer. If a tap is dripping at a rate of 1 drop per second, you could be wasting up to 10,220 litres per year! 20. If your toilet handle constantly stays in a downward position this means that water is constantly running. Replace or fix the handle to avoid wasted water.

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